What is the GPOF Conference?

GPOF is an educational farm conference focused on advanced organic production practices for beginning and transitional, organic farmers. In-depth presentations on current organic farming issues by speakers from universities and institutions with accomplished organic research programs, successful organic farmers and farm industry representatives dedicated to organic production.

Sessions may include topics on animal health, dairy, pastured livestock, fruits, vegetables, small (heritage) grain, soil health, pest and weed control. 

Why does the GPOF conference exist?

The intent of this conference is to annually support Northeast and Mid-Atlantic organic farms with information and discussion on the best of the available organic farming practices. The conference is a collaboration of private, public and government agencies: organic farmers, PA Dept. of Agriculture, Rodale Institute, PA Certified Organic (PCO), Organic Valley Dairy, USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Consumer Advocacy Groups and PA Farm Link.

Past Conferences